Day 14 – Same Same, but Different

One of the cool things about traveling is that you get to see all the different varieties and flavors each country has.  A good example of that is India’s Maharaja Mac.  They don’t eat beef in India so McDonalds had to come up with an alternative to the Big Mac.  This chicken burger was the solution.

Dave tried it and liked it a lot!  It was too spicy for me!
Subway in Singapore also had variations in their local menu!

South East Asia has all sorts of flavors that Canada doesn’t… And sometimes I don’t understand why we haven’t brought these flavors out west!  The cookies and cream dairy milk found in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines is one of many examples.

Sooo tasty!!!

In Singapore they also have salted caramel Magnum bars, which are to die for!!

My first treat in Singapore!

There are some strange variations too. Salted egg yolk is a really common flavour in this part of the world. You can get salted egg yolk calamari, crab and even potato chips!

I’ve heard they’re pretty good!  We tried the salted egg yolk calamari and that was REALLY good!

There are other strange flavors of chips too!

Also…chips made of chicken and fish skin
Chili crab is basically Singapore’s National dish. It doesn’t surprise me that they have these as chips!

Popcorn is also a lot more variable than you’d imagine. I’m a fan of good old fashioned butter and salt, but in Asia, they have all sorts of sweet popcorn.

This one actually sounds pretty good

Even quick meals are more diverse in Malaysia! Back home we have Mr. Noodles and Kraft Dinner but they go beyond that here:

This is brilliant!
They even come in a bowl, unlike the packaged food I’ve seen in North America (which were convenient for hiking and camping but not if you’re hungry and on the go)

Of course, I can’t forget about candy! We make a point of bringing back strange candies for our nieces and nephews every year. They seem to enjoy trying new stuff!

Dunno if I’ve ever seen anything like this in Canada!
Hazel nut and green tea kit cats…

Every once in a while I find “normal” stuff from back home too. China doesn’t have a lot of imported foods so when I find sour cream and onion chips, I get excited!!!

I’d settle for Lay’s if I had to but…..
They even have Ruffles!!!
I’ve never seen anything like this in China. They have their own version of jerky, which is also quite tasty…. It’s just different

Traveling is fun! Who knows what we’ll see next!