Day 9 – Victory!!!

This is my victory face.

I share it without any concern for the lack of filters or the lack of makeup because this photo was taken about 10 minutes after we arrived at our jungle camp, after a long 6 hours of hiking. I couldn’t be prouder of this unflattering photo!

The trails were easily the most difficult I’ve ever done. It was only 5km from where we started, but it was up and down hills and through slippery terrain and hopping over logs.

By the end, my legs were absolute jelly and I was having a hard time balancing. I managed to only fall once, but only because Sardi was there helping my along to make sure I didn’t fall again.

As soon as we arrived, we stripped down to our bathing suits and hopped in the cool stream behind me. It was a perfect way to finish the trek.

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