Day 17 – Sunstroke in Komodo National Park

Life on a boat can be tough. It can be especially tough if you’re dehydrated and fighting the urge to throw up. I spent most of today sipping sprite and staying in the shade, where the sun couldn’t get me!!!

By the end of our trip, I’d come to the conclusion that I do not belong on a boat for 3 days… I’m more of a single-day-catamaran-trip type of gal….

Murphy’s law of course meant that the day I was sick happened to be the best day of the trip for snorkeling and diving. Today…we visited Manta Ray Point.

I did get to see one Manta, from the shade of the boat, and I’m glad I at least got that… But it was a real bummer spending the day inside a rocking boat while everyone else had fun!

Dave, heading out with Andreas to find some Manta Rays. We met some really awesome people on this trip!!!

Now… I’m back on land, and back in dry clothes (you simply cannot ever stay dry on a boat!!) and I will be thoroughly thrilled with my air conditioner tonight!!

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