Day 4 – Air BNB

I’m a planner.

Every trip we take involves hours of me reading over blogs, checking out websites and comparing hotels. I’ve become pretty good at it, and although it might seem like a lot of work, for me, it’s part of the adventure.

I took a picture of our hotel door in Cebu because I was pretty sure I’d never remember which room we were in otherwise.

Dave and I have simple but specific tastes when it comes to hotels. We usually stay in middle range places, where we can rely on the hotels to be clean, safe and comfortable.

I decided to search for “funny hotel reviews”. I was not disappointed.

Sometimes we are lucky and are able to find really good deals in our price range. Usually, I book our stays on, but recently I’ve been searching Airbnb as well, and the extra options have been great!

We’re on the top of a hill, overlooking the ocean. It’s quiet, beautiful and very comfortable!!

This gorgeous pool is a perfect place to relax after a month of craziness!

There’s a nice lounging area too, where we can read, blog and enjoy the view

For $24 a night, I’d say this is a steal of a deal!!!

This is Happy…. The friendliest dog in the world!!!

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  1. Hahaha Marie. Planning trips is one of my favourite things too. I’ve been using a mixture of, airbnb and My friends have nicknamed me Little Miss Lonely Planet.

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