Day 9 – Travelling

Today, we leave the Philippines. Our flight actually leaves at 1:50am, but with everything closing down in Cebu city, we find ourselves at the airport 5 hours before our flight to Shanghai.

Luckily, we sweet talked our way out of excess baggage fees (because apparently a 12kg suitcase is over the limit for 2 people…) And I managed to get the pity of a security guard, who saw how badly I wanted to keep my honey, and let it go through. Apparently, people like me today!!

Our busride back to Cebu City was pretty miserable. 3 hours (a lot of it stuck in traffic), in a standing room bus…. Full of cranky people (us included!). At one point, someone brought in a massive Nemo balloon, filling up a large portion of the top of the bus. I thought I was going to suffocate.

You can see Nemo up at the front. At this point, a few people had already cleared out of the bus. It was so badly packed that we had to start pushing our way out of the bus 5 minutes before our stop

At least they played a movie: The Fast and the Furious. I had actually decided never to watch any of those movies, after seeing the first 10 minutes of the first one. Fate had other plans…

The following 2 days will go like this:

July 29th

Wake up at 8am

At 3pm, board a 3 hour busride to Cebu city.

Grab a taxi to the airport after getting a quick bite to eat.

July 30th

Our flight to Shanghai leaves at 1:50am

We arrive at Pudong airport at 5:40am

We travel to the hotel we stayed at before leaving for the Philippines and pick up our luggage.

Our flight to Vancouver leaves at 3:55pm

We arrive in Canada at 11:40 am… On the same day…due to time changes.

At 1:25, we depart for Winnipeg and will arrive at about 6pm.

Long story short…

We will be on the go for a good 42 hours…. Sleeping only if our flights allow it.

Goodness, I hope our plane is empty!

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    1. You get used to it. Just becomes part of life. We managed to stay awake the whole flight so we were able to sleep through the first night, which really helps

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