Day 6: Pit Stops

Our destination today was Toledo. It’s a beautiful and historical city, but as always, my daily posts aren’t about our major stops; they’re about the small things that otherwise might not make it into my blog.

Another fact about my daily posts: (almost) all my pictures come from my cell phone and are unfiltered

One of the best parts of taking a roadtrip is the ability to stop and smell the roses if you so wish. Today, during the 2 hour drive from Avila to Toledo, we were presented with one of these opportunities, when a massive Castle appeared on a hilltop ahead.

I never actually got a shot of the castle from the highway, so I had to steal this one from the internet

We did a quick uturn and drove into a tiny town called Escalona, where the castle (or what’s left of it) is located. We were sad to learn we couldn’t go in, but we took some pictures from the outside anyway.

It’s pretty spectacular from the exterior anyway!

The castle was built nearly 1000 years ago, as a Moorish defense system. It was meant to protect Toledo from sieges. Of course, it changed hands throughout history and had undergone several restorations. Still, this castle isn’t exactly tourist-friendly.

Pieces of the building look like they’ve crumbled quite recently
Still, lots of it is still in great shape! It’s a shame that even just part of it isn’t open to the public anymore
A lot of the castle is overgrown by plants and grass. We saw several large birds’ nests on top of the towers too. It’s being reclaimed by nature

My favourite shot of the stop was of Dave. He climbed up to an area that wasn’t sectioned off, and the castle looked so large and grand behind him…. It’s to good of a picture not to share!!

Tomorrow we have a full day in Toledo!! Stay tuned for post #7!

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