Day 10: The Pyrenees Mountains

Before we left for Europe, we got Dave’s international licence renewed so that we could rent a car in Madrid and Barcelona. It’s opened up a lot of possibilities for us, and even allowed us to hop up to the Pyrenees mountains to see Andorra and a bit of Southern France.

The border crossing into Andorra was the most lax I’ve ever seen. We weren’t even stopped; we just drove on through and waved at the border patrol

Andorra is a tiny country, situated between Spain and France. Every restaurant we visited had menues in Spanish, French, English and also the National language: Catalan (quite similar to Spanish).

In English, we say “gorgeous”. In French, it’s “magnifique”. Spanish: “espléndido”. Catalan: “esplèndid”

Although we weren’t there for long, we definitely spent as much time as possible outside, enjoying the scenery.

The whole city is surrounded in mountains

Today’s drive to Toulouse was especially spectacular. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a creperie run by a French Andorran, and walked through the town. The statues, I’ll admit, were a bit disconcerting..

From far, they looked like real people. We kept thinking people were just standing there watching us
The town was completely empty too… So the statues were extra creepy

Andorra may not have had a lot going on as far as tourism and history are concerned, but it sure had some views! And surprisingly…. It also has some of the best shopping in Europe!

I even got my favorite rum in the world for only 10€! They don’t even sell this stuff in Canada…. I’ve only ever seen it in Cuba!
Shopping is excellent in Andorra. They have great trade deals so many Europeans go there for the weekend to shop

I know I’m still a day behind with my writing. We don’t have cell service outside of Spain, so I have been limited with when I can write. I already have today’s post planned though…. It will be about an unfortunate adventure we hadn’t exactly planned for….

Check back soon!

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