CNY 2020 – Day 5 – Gardens by the Bay

We didn’t have much time in Singapore, but we knew there were a couple of things we simply had to do and see. One of those things was Gardens by the Bay.

A photo taken from the bridge going into GBTB.
Strange floating eggs. This whole area feels otherworldly.
We knew we were going to enjoy this place even before we got there. So much green!!

You’ve probably seen Singapore’s super trees in photos before but nothing compares to seeing them in person. These solar powered beauties range from 25-50 meters tall. They are beautiful, provide shade in the heat and act as a huge tourism pull for the city. Best of all, it’s free to visit Supertree Grove, even during the nightly light show!

Un-edited. Such beautiful colors!!
The trees are quite large!

Still, it’s definitely worth spending a bit of money to see the rest of the park. The Flower Dome is a beautiful area full of plants, flowers and trees from all around the world. Best of all, it’s climate controlled, giving you a break from the hot Singaporean sun.

Blooming flowers everywhere
So much colour!!
A beautiful shot Dave got of a bird in the flower dome
This flower was artificial but so beautiful!

There are various themes set up throughout the dome, with Alice in Wonderland being my favourite. Everything was so well done and so well maintained!

The first one we spotted was the Cheshire cat. I dressed as this iconic cat for Halloween this year!
The Queen of hearts
Pooh and Piglet: another theme found within the Flower Dome

Another amazing sight was the wood carvings seen throughout the dome. They were beautiful works of art.

This one was huge!
So much detail
Probably my favorite carving

The Cloud Forest is also well worth a visit. With an artificial waterfall and so many flowers and plants to appreciate, this area is a lovely way to spend some time. The air smells so fresh and it’s relaxing being surrounded by so much vegetation. We really enjoyed our time there.

It smelled like heaven in the cloud forest!
Everything was beautiful and green!!

The Cloud Forest had some really interesting displays as well. It didn’t seem as big or as impressive as Flower Dome at first glance, but then we realized that in The Cloud forest, you go up!

They had Venus fly traps in this area
They also incorporated Lego into some of the gardens. See if you can spot the plastic flowers!

The skyway is yet another beautiful way to experience the garden. I am still dealing with quite a bit of pain in my foot, so I decided to skip that attraction and Dave went solo while I stretched out my tired muscles. He got some beautiful shots.

The view from above
The Marina Sands Hotel the background: one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings
The bridge that takes you from one Supertree to the next

The most amazing feature at Gardens by the Bay is their nightly light show. They do this every night at 7:45 and 8:45. We caught the late show and it was incredible!

The eggs at the entrance of the park light up at night
The view from the lookout point is spectacular
There was an eerie song playing with the eggs. It felt like we were in another world

Even without the show itself, GBTB is an amazing sight at night. When the music starts though, it’s breathtaking. The park was full of people admiring this spectacular presentation of lights and music. It exceeded my expectations.

This was before the light show even began!
The trees slowly changed color
So beautiful!!

If you’re going to Singapore, you simply can’t skip Gardens by the Bay. It’s a delightful place. It’s so well maintained and clean and there’s so much to enjoy!

They exploded with color!
The trees were coordinated with each other as well as with music. The night we saw the show, the music was a Waltz
So pretty!

Finally, here’s a lovely video for you to enjoy!

For best effect, watch the video with the sound on! It’s really quite amazing!

Be sure to check back soon! I have a few other posts on the go and now that I’m in the relaxing rainforest… I’ll have more time for writing!