Day 20 – Relaxing

Dave and I have active holidays. Usually, our only real rest days are days when we travel to a new area and are forced to take it easy.

In the last year, we’ve worked really hard to get into a better lifestyle. After all, we love our life and the last thing we want is to be suffering from health issues prematurely. We started exercising regularly, eating better and looking at food as medicine & fuel instead of simply as an indulgence.

So with this mindset, I naturally planned a more active holiday than usual too and by the end of our Komodo Islands tour, my body was well aware of it!!!

So… After nearly 3 weeks of hiking, walking, swimming, trekking, climbing and scrambling through caves, we finally decided to put our feet up, and relax a little!!

Today was a fabulous day of nothingness!! (Followed by dinner on the beach!!).

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