Day 21 – Sunsets & Selfies

The Gili Islands are famous for their instagram-worthy sunsets. We missed our first couple because of rain, but today was clear so we rented a couple of bikes and head down to the beach.

Today’s sunset from our hotel pool

The problem with Instagram-worthy sunsets though, is that everyone wants them… And everyone wants to be in them. Asia is a very populated place… And everywhere we go, we struggle with getting pictures that don’t have a tonne of people standing around in them.

Spotted here… The common photo-ruiner

Of course, you can always get creative with your photos, like I tend to:

Can you spot him??

But sometimes you just need to give up and move on… Which is what I decided to do after waiting more than 5 minutes for this guy to realize he was in my shot…

As I turned to leave, so did he… While 5 other tourists simultaniously moved into my shot. So…I took one last angry photo(that accidently turned out REALLY well!!!

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