Day 25 – The Post Office

Every year when we go on holiday, I spend time finding beautiful post cards that we can send back to our family and friends. I enjoy the whole process; choosing the cards, choosing who will be sent which, writing them out and even finding a post office to send them from.

That last part can be a bit of a pain. Last year, we had to resort to sending them from a hotel because we couldn’t find an open post office anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. This year, though, we had a great experience!

I went into a small post office on Lombok island and was met by a smiling young girl who looked both excited and terrified to see me walking towards her.

It takes a long time to put 4 stamps on 25 post cards, so before long, 2 of her co-workers arrived to help. They were hilarious and made a competition of it to see who could get all 4 stamps on the most neatly and the most quickly.

By the time Dave came in to see why we were taking so long, we’d already taken some selfies and had some good laughs. They all thought it was very cool that we send all our friends and family postcards. I don’t think they’d ever seen anyone actually do that before!

Unfortunately, we had to carry onto our hotel for the night, because tomorrow morning, we leave Indonesia.

It’s been an incredible 25 days.

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