Day 24 – Gili T

Gili Trawangan is a small island of the coast of a bigger Island called Lombok. Dave and I always try to spend the last week of our holiday somewhere relaxing, and this year, this is where we ended up.

We’re currently located under that red dot

Now, I knew Gili T had a reputation as a bit of a party island, but I was a bit. Surprised that how little there was to do OTHER than partying!

An awesome Regae band played nightly at Sama Sama bar

We did find some things. We spent 2 mornings looking for sea turtles (and found them both days!!), and our silver working class was a great way to spend the afternoon, but I think we would have gone a bit stir crazy if we’d stayed any longer.

I loved my time in this pool…. But I was getting awfully pruny by day 3!!!

As for the party scene, we did go “all out” last night, as it was our last night on the island. We ate some fantastic Indian food, ordered some terribly overpriced (but delicious) sangria wine and sat on the beach until midnight. It was a nice way to wind down the holiday!!

Pictured here… Our overpriced Sangria.

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