Cebu Island – Part 2: Tumalog Falls

Dave and I have done a lot of travelling for the last 4 years.  Each country we’ve visited has offered new insight into the different cultures, languages and history that make up our wonderful world.

From the Grand Palace in Bangkok….
To the beautiful sandstone architecture of India
Our world is full of beauty...both man-made and natural!

Although there are so many differences between each place we’ve visited, there have also been similarities.  One thing that we find pretty much anywhere we’ve ever gone, is that every place in south east Asia has a waterfall for tourists to visit.

My favourite falls in South East Asia:  Kuang Si Falls, near Luang Prabang, Laos.  

Of course, Cebu island has several waterfalls, but we only had the chance to visit one: Tumalog Falls.  Located just outside of Oslob, it’s easy to rent a motorbike to visit, or even hire a motorized tricycle (although, they may have a hard time getting up the hills if their motorcycle isn’t in tip top shape!)

WeChat Image_20180727221423
Surprisingly…these trikes don’t always run perfectly… 

When we arrived the entrance to the falls, we were asked to park our motorbike and walk the last kilometer or so to the actual waterfall.  It was a steep climb down to get there, and then, of course, a tough climb back.  The first time we tried to visit the falls (we tried twice), we were actually scared away by the mid-day heat and the idea of climbing a km uphill.  We normally wouldn’t be worried about a short hike like that, but after suffering from heat exhaustion for several days, we weren’t keen on getting sick again.  But, when our Air BnB host told us we could hire a special motorbike to bring us back up the hill, we decided to try again.

The falls were well worth the visit.  They were very tall and they trickled more than spilled, making them quite peaceful.

The area was very peaceful too.  There was lots of bamboo growing, and it even created a bit of a dome over the area, giving us the feeling of being enclosed by the jungle.

The small pools around the falls were also stunning.

Lots of people brought their swimsuits and were swimming in the pool at the bottom of the falls, but Dave and I hadn’t brought ours.  I’m glad others had more foresight than me though, because the shots I got of them in the water help to show just how high these falls were.

Tumalog falls was a worthwhile trip I’d recommend to anyway staying in the Oslob area!

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