Cebu Island – Part 3: Osmeña Peak

Usually, if Dave and I take a trip, I do quite a bit of planning ahead of time.  I always leave a bit of room for free time, of course, but we don’t usually stay in the same spot long enough for us to discover more than what have planned for.  I did things differently in the Philippines.

We were on a bit of a tight budget, so we figured that even if there was nothing to do in Cebu, our Air BnB included a gorgeous pool…so how bad of a time could we possibly have had?

When we first arrived in Dalaguete, we knew we would discover some hidden gems, but we didn’t expect to find a spot as beautiful (and apparently unknown) as Osmeña peak.

Osmeña peak is the highest point on Cebu Island

We learned about this hidden gem while relaxing one evening with our Air Bnb host, Thomas.  He was very surprised we’d never heard of it, and told us that it was very beautiful and very worth the short hike up.  So, the following morning, we set off to check out the highest point on Cebu island.

We were using an app to navigate to the entrance of our destination, where we’d heard of a relatively easy hiking trail up to the peak.  When we arrived at our destination, a young boy hopped over and pointed us in the right direction.

Our original path looked promising…

About 5 minutes into our walk, a little boy ran up behind us and started shouting in a local language.  He seemed insistent that we should turn down a tiny, mud-covered path.  It wasn’t long down that path that we realized we’d come in through the ‘wrong entrance’.  We head back to our motorbike, but not before getting some great pictures first.

We drove around a bit more and found the actual entrance to the peak.  In hindsight, it made a lot more sense than our original stop.  For one thing, there was a ticket office and a little store at Stop #2, instead of a couple of farmers sitting on the back of a truck, grinning at us.  Having said that, if you’ve traveled in South East Asia, you learn that things aren’t always as official looking as you expect, which is why we went with it at Stop #1.

The hike up the hill was nice….especially when we got high enough that a breeze made it through the trees.  The trail is well maintained and if you’re in reasonably good shape, it isn’t too difficult of a trek.  It took us about 25 minutes to make it to the top, but we also stopped for quite a few pictures along the way (and a dog followed us up, so I stopped to pet him quite often!)

Aside from our experience with scarf snarfing selfie seekers, our time on the peak was beautiful.  I managed to get some pictures without tourists in it, which is always a challenge.

I did actually manage to get the shot I waited so patiently for…after the selfie seekers left.

Once more…I think it’s nicer without people in it…

I did take a few selfies myself.  I’m not here to condemn selfies.  But when you’re in a place as beautiful as this, please be considerate of other people.  You can take 1 or 2 selfies…but a series of 8-10 poses is excessive!

I was sitting on some very sharp rocks here, so I wasn’t too interested in sticking around longer than necessary!

Osmeña peak is a very worthwhile trip.  If you’re looking for additional information about the hike, I found a fantastic website with lots of information including directions and fees.  You can check out that website here.

WeChat Image_20180728185710
Some last shots for you


I have a few posts left about our time in The Philippines, so stay tuned!

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