Day 4: Odd Sculptures…

Today we began our roadtrip with a trip to Segovia. I’ve always wanted to see Roman aquaducts and the ones in Segovia are beautifully intact, so we made them part of our road trip. I’ll be writing more about it soon, but for today’s post, I wanted to focus on one very specific part of our day.

I promise I’ll write about the castle soon!!

I wanted photos of the aquaducts from every imaginable angle, so we did a bit of walking around. On our way back to the busy center, we stumbled upon something Dave had read about in the news a few weeks back:

Yes, this is a sculpture of the devil taking a selfie….

Now, personally, I “get” what the artist was trying to say here. Religion has been trivialized…selfies and vanity are how the devil shows himself…obesity is a real issue in the modern world. It isn’t often I understand art, but I think I get this one!!!

I especially get the irony that people are more interested in pictures of themselves at these incredible aquaducts than they are of the aquaducts themselves…

Anyway, Dave and I found it ridiculous, so we decided to get a photo or two with it, and then a crowd formed….

I forgot to get a picture, but the cell phone screen in the statue showed a selfie of the devil in front of the aquaducts. It was pretty well done!!

Now, back story on this sculpture: it’s new, and many Segovian locals hate it! They hate it so much, in fact, that The Guardian wrote an article about it! The whole purpose of this sculpture is to bring tourists up to that area is Segovia, and I think it serves its purpose well. Still, we had several Spanish people approach us in our short time with that statue. No one was mean or angry, but they definitely wanted their displeasure about the statue to be known. A few locals looked quite amused with it. Either way, it drew a crowd!

I don’t know if these people were local to Segovia or Spain in general, but they seemed to be amused at least! I didn’t get pictures of the other groups who seemed far less amused with the sculpture their town paid to have made!

That’s my strange story for the day… I guess Asia isn’t the only place where strange happens!

If you want to read more about this sculpture, its purpose, and the locals reactions to it, you can read the article The Guardian wrote on the topic by clicking here:

I also saw this in a store window. Strange.

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