Day 14: Rest & Wind

Not every day can be exciting. It took two weeks, the forces of nature and shopping bylaws to slow us down, but we finally did. We finally took a chill day on our holiday.

It took me 3 weeks last year! Stupid wind is slowing me down in 2019!!

The drive from Montpellier to Barcelona is pretty long so we decided to split it up with a stopover in the small French town of Perpignan. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that everything is closed on Sundays in this sleepy French town, so we got there and had nothing to do!!

Even finding an open restaurant was difficult!
Even in touristy areas, no one was outside.
As we drove through, it felt a bit like a science fiction movie. I kept expecting zombies to appear!

Ok, it wasn’t that bad… But the wind WAS crazy yesterday, and with most businesses closed for Sunday, everyone was staying inside. So, we spent the day napping and catching up on the news as well. It was probably a good idea. We’ve been running on all cylinders since we arrived in Europe.

Day 14 steps
Day 15 Steps

We did drive around a bit in the evening to find some food. We ended up settling for some fast food (a truely lazy day!), and on our drive we saw the effects of the crazy strong winds that ripped through the region all day.

We saw lots of branches laying across the road
Plenty of garbage bins and patio furniture also got tossed around in the wind
It was like a prairie storm without the rain!

So that’s all I really have to say about day 14. Day 15 was much more exciting, so stay tuned for my post tomorrow!!

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