Day 7 – The Scenery

We live on an extraordinary planet. It supports so much life, and is so stunningly beautiful. I’ve been lucky enough to see that beauty on several continents and in many different countries. I’ve watched vibrant sunsets in Vietnam, stood atop gorgeous cliffs in Laos, explored ancient towns and rivers in China, and even admired desert landscapes in India.  There hasn’t been a single place we’ve gone that hasn’t been spectacular in some way.

You can see where each picture was taken by opening the photo, or just scrolling your cursor over the photo.

Of course, The Philippines is no different and has provided us with some great scenery!  We’ve spent the last few days cruising along the south east coast of Cebu island, and I wanted to share some of our more scenic pictures with you.

WeChat Image_20180727221545
Our motorbike for the week.  She runs very well and has a comfy seat!

We got some great shots on our way up to a waterfall (which I’ll be writing about in a future post, as soon as I have the time!)

And of course, there are always the necessary selfies…

The end of our day was pretty beautiful as well.  We’re on the wrong side of Cebu island for seeing sunsets, but we do get to see the moon rise!

We’ve got a full day planned tomorrow that will include some more beautiful scenery, some snorkeling and more driving around on our sweet motorbike!  Stay tuned!!!

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