Day 18: Music!

If you know me at all, you know how important music is to me. When I learned that everyone in the world doesn’t constantly have a song in their head… And that this was just a “Marie” thing…. I was completed flabbergasted. What do you mean everyone else isn’t always thinking of music!?

Living in China allows me to perform. It’s become a very important part of my life

Throughout my life, many different artists have influenced me, awed me and most importantly, gotten me through difficult times. I’ve always counted on music as a source of comfort and positivity.

When Chester Bennington of Linkin Park committed suicide last year, I was filled with such a profound sadness that it was hard to explain. It wasn’t just that one of my favourite musicians was gone forever…it was that his writing and vocals had gotten me through my difficult years as a teenager.

One of the bands that has been with me through it all has been Blue October. When I was a teenager, they were moody, emotional and full of angst. Now, they write about life with their families and how great life can be if you make the right choices. I connect with these guys. A lot.

Justin was sporting a whole lot of eyeliner back in the early 2000s
He’s toned it down since then. One of many similarities between he and I

When Dave told me that Blue October was playing in Europe while we were going to be there, I shrugged it off, thinking the dates wouldn’t work or it would be to expensive. But I forgot one thing: I married the most amazing human being on the planet. He isn’t much of a Blue October fan himself, but he made it happen.

He also got me Meet & Greet tickets so that I could meet the band, get an autograph and get a picture with them!

Now this is where our travels enters this post ….

Reminder: We’re in Warsaw, Poland!

The concert was better than I could have imagined. The band was incredible; that was no surprise…. But their Polish fans were amazing!!! It was like being at a concert with 500 people who “get” my love for this relatively unknown band!!!

I had expected a younger crowd (the concert was held at a university campus). All ages were there.

They sang along with every song. They jumped and danced and screamed with me. I was so worried that the concert would be too small and they’d end up canceling that stop… But Warsaw was an awesome crowd! Justin Furstenfeld mentioned several times that he was blown away by the passion and excitement in our tiny audience.

I love this shot of Matt (bassist) and Will (electric guitar), but I loved it even more when I realized I’d accidently included the arm of a superfan in the shot. The rose he has tattooed on his forearm is Blue October artwork!!

I managed to make it through the night without full out bursting into tears, but it was tough. Blue October has been like a friend to me through thick and thin. “I hope you’re Happy” has cheered me up after many bad days. “Sway” perfectly incapsulates what it feels to be so in love with someone that you just can’t wait for all the moments you get to spend with them. “I want it” is about always wanting better…. Wanting more.

Such a great show!!!

I love Warsaw and it will always stand out in my mind as a city that has great taste in music, incredible passion and an epic music scene!

A few more shots from the concert explained:

Blue October is so much more than just Justin Furstendeld. Their bassist Matt is a super nice guy and is CRAZY talented. Will, their guitarist, loves perogies and wasn’t shy about asking where to get the best stuff
Justin “throwing fireworks” into the crowd. This was during the song “Dance in Time”. The song is about staying in sync with your spouse. Learning to dance together.
A cool shot I like of Justin being sassy
He suffers from bi polar disorder and anxiety. This picture was taken during one of his throwback songs from an earlier album. It was fun to see him like he was 15 years ago
Another band shot. In addition to incredible lyrics, Blue October also has an INCREDIBLE sound. A lot of that is owed to Ryan Dalhoussay, the band violinist/violist/keyboardist/backup vocalist/guitarist. His diversity as musician adds so much to the band’s sound!!
The opening act. They were a local Polish band and pretty good! I wish I could have understood some of their stuff!!!

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