Day 19: Food

A foodie is someone who had a particular interest in food, specifically in trying a variety of cuisines. I am a foodie.

Those of you who have been following along with our trip know that we’ve enjoyed some VERY good food over the past few weeks!

Sometimes, Dave and I plan out restaurants when we’re traveling. We knew months ahead of time that we would be eating at Nuria in Madrid.

They are the top rated Ethiopian restaurant in Madrid. Ethiopian is easily one of my top 3 cuisines.

Usually this planning goes well. Other times, we search for a while, looking at menu after menu for something interesting, but when we find it, it disappoints us.

We found a Georgian restaurant in Warsaw our second night there. It was pretty awful. The Georgian dumplings were full of soup, just like in Suzhou & Shanghai, but the dough was so thick it was basically flavourless

Still, I can say that in our 19 days of traveling, we’ve only had 1 or maybe 2 disappointing meals. Those are pretty good stats!

Our McDonald’s meal in Toulouse was also disappointing…

On our way to Krakow yesterday afternoon, we had our biggest surprise yet. We figured we’d be settling for a diner or fast food, but we were pretty hungry and ready to settle for anything. We rolled into Kielce, and drove to the only restaurant we saw listed.

Go ahead and try to pronounce it. We’re getting better… But still find Polish to be quite intimidating.

We were surprised by a few things. First, the place looked pretty high end, but the prices were significantly lower than we’d seen in Warsaw. Secondly, this was not a diner stop. It was an incredible restaurant experience… And we just happened to stumble upon it, simply because it was a quick drive off the main highway.

The city is actually much bigger than I expected. It didn’t seem very big, but we also didn’t go very far into town.

The food was unreal. I had mushroom stuffed ravioli on a bed of pumpkin and coconut milk. Dave had beef cheek with polish gnocchi and beets. The whole meal was fabulous.

A delicious meal!!
Nice restaurant with some pretty cool decor (Random slides in the middle of the room)
In the room right next to us, there was furniture made of cardboard. I thought that was pretty nifty!

It isn’t often we get that good of a meal while we’re on the road!

There were some interesting statues outside of the restaurant too.

Today was our first day in Krakow! I’ll be back soon with more on that!

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